Posted by: kenziekat | January 13, 2010

Destined to be a crazy cat lady?

I just moved out of a disgusting apartment that was once filled with one spectacular cat, one diabetic cat, SIX kittens, and a filthy-dirty roommate. I’ve now moved with the spectacular cat in tow to a new, clean, lovely apartment across town. Our lives have changed dramatically.

The window-sills aren’t as big for my spectacular cat, Kenzie, to sit on. We are also no longer on the highest level of an apartment building. We now are on level one. I’ve bought her a cat window seat to fix the ever-demanding problem, but she’s already broken it. I keep all the blinds open so that she can attempt to balance on the thin window-sills. Unfortunately, this means everyone passing by can see me sleeping on the couch, eating dinner, etc. all so my precious Kenzie Kat will be happy.

When I bought the window seat at the Pet Store, a pink and purple rhinestone cat collar was not far away. Kenzie Kat HAD to have the collar. She also had to have a new toy, new pink heart food bowls to match my dishes, among other things….

My new landlord requires all cats to be de-clawed. I refuse to do such a thing. A vet once told me de-clawing a cat was like chopping a human’s fingers off at the knuckle. I will not participate in such an inhumane practice. Instead, I’ve glued beautiful pink rubber cat nails over her claws, very similar to those fake nails on my fingers as I type. These fake cat nails are called SoftPaws, and are the most spectacular idea I’ve seen in quite awhile. Kenzie Kat will now have her nails done every six weeks in a variety of colors.

My friends say I am destined to be nothing more than a crazy cat lady…..perhaps I shouldn’t reinforce this idea by telling them I’ve glued pink nails onto my cat and bought her a rhinestone collar to match?



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  2. The question I am left with is: Does Kenzie indeed fetch?

    A suggestion for you. SoftPaws is something I’d never heard before, and it sounds both bizarre and fascinating. Including a link to more information about this could make for a richer post.

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