Posted by: kenziekat | January 20, 2010

Finding a Purpose…

Let me make one thing clear.

I’m not looking to save the world or become famous from a blog entitled, ‘Kenzie the Fetching Cat’. Basically, all I want to do for readers (if I ever get any) is to provide them with humor, advice and entertainment.

One should write about what they enjoy, and I enjoy my cat Kenzie very much. Thus, it makes sense to write about her and our life together. What can this do for you as a reader? Well, I’m sure at least a handful of people will find her/our antics amusing. In fact, I bet lots of crazy cat lady prospects, like myself, would find reading about a fetching cat quite time-worthy.

Through this blog project, I plan to humor you with stories, but I hope to give you helpful advice as well.

How can you train your cat to fetch? I’ll teach you.

Is your cat drinking out of the toilet even though you just gave her water? So does mine.

Does your cat insist on sitting in the window even if the blinds are down? What a weird coincidence!

Have you almost started dating someone who was ALLERGIC TO CATS ?! I’ll tell you how to say no.

Is your best friend allergic to the love of you life? I’ll give you tips to make her less sneezy.

Did your roommate’s cat have babies in your closet? I’ll tell you how to get the stains out.

Did your roommate’s cat randomly get diabetes and pee all over your bed? I’ll tell you how to keep your cool.

Has your roommate’s diabetic cat ever puked all over your bed? I’ll show you how to keep her out.

Does your cat claw up all your furniture? I’ll show you pink fake nails that will solve the problem.

And of course, those are just part of the wealth of information I can provide to those seeking amusement and tips through this blog.

Regardless, imaginary readers, please note that this blog is for a class at West Virginia University, and so from time to time, your cat news will be cut short or eliminated due to certain assignments like the ones below regarding Journalism.

You may not see it now, but Kenzie is not my life, just a big part of it–schoolwork has to fit in somewhere.

Hope you enjoy.



  1. Your blog seems like it’s going to be interesting, educational and hilarious.

    I’m fascinated by the topic of feline diabetes. I can’t wait to learn about the dietary restrictions that having such a high maintenance kitty cat requires.

    Three questions…
    -What should I do when my cat insists on living inside my handbag?
    -My cat won’t stay off the kitchen counter. Telling her “NO!” doesn’t work. What can I do?
    -I can’t find any of my hair elastics, my cat is under the impression that they are for her to play with. Have you ever heard of this?

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