Posted by: kenziekat | January 25, 2010

Check Out My Blog Roll

Marilyn Krieger, a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (who knew you could be such a thing!) gives helpful behavioral advice for all those with crazy cats. I especially liked her post on how to improve an inside cat’s quality of life. I’ll be using her tips to improve Kenzie’s life for sure 🙂

A blog suited for cat owners to answer some not so fun questions–like what to do for cat diarrhea for example. Again, a helpful blog for Kenzie help, and fellow cats the same.

A great blog about the life of foster parents–of cats of course. Opens eyes to something other than cat ownership, cat fostership!

A lovely and amusing blog about an American Kitty who has found her place in England.  Is written from the perspective of the cat itself, which makes things quite entertaining. Plus, lots of super cute pictures are included.

Ahh perhaps cats are a man’s best friend? Or maybe not; regardless, this cat helps us crazy cat ladies see what the cat-man relationship entails. Definitely useful for my life/love life and Kenzie’s well-being.

Who doesn’t want a cute picture of a kitten on a daily basis?

A general blog for all animal lovers. Great pet stories, videos, and pictures included.

I loved this bloggers introduction:

“28 year old crazy cat lady from Tennessee trying to find sanity amongst 12 cats, 1 dog, a 6 year old stepson with an autistic spectrum disorder, a 1920s farmhouse in need of renovation, and a husband who get distracted easily by shiny objects.”

Who wouldn’t want to follow such a dramatic, cat loving life? She’s been blogging since 2004.

An inspirational blog about a cat rescue out of New York. Would make any cat lover want to adopt ten more…

So aside from the class blog, these are my top 9 cat blogs thus far. After reading quite a large quantity of cat blogs, I’m starting to question whether I should write from Kenzie’s voice…seems most crazy cat ladies do when they blog. Maybe I’m not so crazy after all? At least I’m not writing a blog pretending to be a cat….Enjoy the links!



  1. Wow, Gabe, your blog looks great and these links are all super helpful!

    I think posting from Kenzie’s perspective would be hilarious although your credibility would become debatable. You don’t really want to be ‘that girl’, do you?


  2. What a fun blog and some really interesting links. I know some people that would get a lot out of this. I’ll pass the word along. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the plug! Looks like my cat Buck and your cat have something in common. Buck also fetches. If you crinkle paper, he comes running! If he is up to no good, all we do is crinkle paper, and he stops what he is doing to play.

    • Not a problem! Aw so neat that Buck fetches, too! They’re so fun when they fetch! I’ll have to try to crinkle paper for Kenzie and see if she enjoys it too!

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