Posted by: kenziekat | February 1, 2010

Hello World of Cat Blogging

My fellow cat bloggers are quite welcoming to me, the newcomer. I’ve made it my mission this week to comment on at least ten blogs in an attempt to network with those as crazy about cats as I.

Mission accomplished.

And wow, how nice my fellow cat lovers are! I’ve made a couple new blogging friends, and even received some comments back (thanks ihavecat).

But more than anything, I’ve learned a lot from reading other cat blogs.

I’ve learned about all sorts of things about dating and litter boxes. As well as the fact that I’m not alone in my struggle for Kenzie to love me more than my boyfriend.

I’ve learned how to keep Kenzie from chewing on electric cords, a problem that has not yet arisen, but my intuition says it will.

I’ve learned that about a fantastic ‘cat rights movement‘, quite similar to the women’s movement as far as I’m concerned (see my comment, user name Gabrielle). I’ve pondered whether it’s time to kick Kenzie out of bed… I’ve even learned that Kenzie may one day save me from a bear!

about a sick kitty in need of some prayers…

I’ve learned of the fantastic reason why Susan, of wildrun, is pimping out her house!

about a snowboard designer for Burton who included her kitty…

I’ve learned Kenzie can be TOILET TRAINED!!!! woah.

and I even found out my blogging class includes another animal lover!

What a fabulous world blogging is. Quite a wealth of cat information and lovers!

cat tip of the day: do not trust boyfriends roommate alone with your cat.  He will try to torture her.



  1. OK…Torture? I hope that’s a joke. If not, you need to take a 2 x 4 to said roommate!

    Welcome to the world of kitty blogging. Have you been to

    • Well, not ‘torture’ I suppose, but there was a lot of picking Kenzie up, spinning around, making her a puppet, taking her into the snow, etc going on that I do not approve of. Boyfriend’s roommates cannot be trusted, no matter how much they claim they ‘love’ cats.

      Hadn’t seen 50kittens until now, LOVE IT! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for mentioning I HAVE CAT and for opening my eyes to so many NEW cat blogs! I like the idea of trying to comment on 10 new blogs a day – i shall try it! Thanks KEnzie!

  3. and thanks to Kenzie’s mom/staff of course! Since she is the one who types 🙂

    • Thanks to you, and good luck with the comments! Let me know how it goes!

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