Posted by: kenziekat | February 2, 2010

Kenzie, the pink-nailed cat

Kenzie's Soft Paws

She looks like quite the diva with her pink nails!

As I mentioned in my first post, my new landlord only allowed me to keep Kenzie if I had her de-clawed. I refused to do such a think to my poor Kenzie so I began to research alternatives. As I researched I stumbled upon Soft Paws and figured for $18.95 they were worth a try! I of course, ordered PINK, but there were plenty of other colors, too (even Holiday colors for Christmas).

I got the package at work just a week later and was eager to get home to apply Kenzie’s new pink nail-caps. The boyfriend, of course, was called to help (I wasn’t getting scratched up alone).

We were frightened that Kenzie would scratch our eyeballs out, but to our surprise, she was quite calm during the whole process. I held her while the boyfriend glued each individual pink cap onto her claws (SoftPaws did an excellent job of providing step-by-step instructions). Of course, there was a bit of meowing, but with the help of some new cat treats, the process went very smoothly.

This was about five weeks ago.

Five weeks later, her nails are still pink and capped, although some fell off and had to be replaced. Thankfully SoftPaws gives you plenty of extras, and enough to last a couple months. Kenzie doesn’t seem to mind the caps (unless she’s  attempting to climb the doorframe in a crack head cat moment). Plus, my furniture, that had been demolished by the devil Siamese cat living at our last apartment, has not received any new holes.

My landlord, as well as everyone else who sees my pink-nailed kitty, was amused, and accepted my alternative.

cat tip of the day: save your couch, buy SoftPaws.

Kenzie's Soft Paws

What a great investment these were!

PS. I’m not getting paid by SoftPaws to endorse this (although I wish I was)…I merely REALLY like their product


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