Posted by: kenziekat | February 6, 2010

Kenzie, the inside cat.

Well, we kept electricity most of the night, although it must have went out for a bit because all the clocks are flashing the wrong time at me. Regardless, this blizzard has made me realize how terrible it must be for Kenzie to be cooped up in this apartment all day.

I’m trying to convince myself it doesn’t bother her and she doesn’ t know any better, but I’m not convinced yet.

Kenzie and I have slept most of the day, ate a bit, watched one movie, and watched people try to get out of the parking lot with the 1.5 feet of snow.  I feel trapped; I’m in a bad mood; I’ve yelled at the boyfriend, and I’m on the verge of walking one mile to the busstop in an attempt to get somewhere, ANYWHERE. She, on the other hand, is contently laying on the kitchen tile looking happily at me. Perhaps she doesn’t notice?

This site says indoor cats are healthier and live better lives. It makes me feel a little better. Plus, this site brings the debate to the front as well…and I believe the indoor cats win again.

Still, I’m not sure they’re adequately addressing my question. Yes, having a cat indoors is safer for the cat. But, which cat has a better quality of life?

I hope Kenzie does. Comments please!



  1. tough one. since i live in NYC i don’t have a choice. do you think maybe it depends on the cat? i know my cats have zero desire to go anywhere resembling outside (i know this b/c i tried to walk one on a leash once. bad idea. didn’t make it out of the lobby).

    she’s a young one so i would think she doesn’t know any better at this point and would be happy if you kept her indoors and would find enough to keep her busy. you could probably tell if she were unhappy bored no?

    thanks for linking to my blog. correction though, my blog is about being single, in NYC – with cat (s) but is not written from the cats perspective!


    • Oh, envisioning you trying to walk your cat on a leash is quite a picture. I’ve also had experience trying to walk a cat, which, like yours failed miserably. Even though Kenzie has many dog-like traits, the desire to be walked on a leash is not one of them.

      Yes, I agree, I don’t think Kenzie knows any better, and as I watch her sleep peacefully on the couch and the blizzard outside progressing, I think she’s quite content inside (and better off as well).

      I apologize for my mistake about your blog, I will change it. Weirdly enough, you and I are of few cat bloggers NOT writing from the cat’s perspective….Hope it’s not as snowy there as it is here this week!


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