Posted by: kenziekat | February 7, 2010

I’ve created a monster.

Kenzie in the Soda Box

She'll even climb into small boxes to ensure the fetching game is won.

Kenzie has become obsessed with fetching, obsessed I say!

It’s like a drug. She just can’t get enough of those fantastic elastic hair things. She’s learned where I keep them, she steals them from me in the middle of the night, she’s even jumped in water to retrieve one.

She needs fetching rehab.

Honestly, you can’t even sit on my couch for more than ten minutes without her, ontop of you, hairthing in mouth, meowing incessantly until you throw it for her to retrieve.

I wake up from my nightly slumber to countless elastics all over my bed from her efforts to wake me in the night. When I wake up in the morning, she follows me into the shower, elastic in mouth. EVERY SECOND of her day is focused on begging me, the boyfriend, the stranger to play fetch with her.

If I have company, and I ignore her fetching requests she asks everyone in the room (by meowing) to play her game. Inevitably, someone gives in and throws the hairthing for her.

When I’m eating dinner with the boyfriend at our kitchen table, she is ON THE TABLE requesting to play fetch.

It’s taking over my life. I spend hours everyday throwing hairthings into my kitchen tile.

On a good day, she fetches a little fuzzy pink crown or her fuzzy pink purse…just to help her mom cope with her fetching addiction.

cat tip of the day:  don’t teach your cat to fetch unless you have a LOT of free time on your hands. If you do, here’s some tips.



  1. hahah Kenzie has a DISEASE!

    Get a spray bottle and spray her with water when she’s on the table begging you to play

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