Posted by: kenziekat | February 9, 2010

Kenzie, in heat?!

HELP! I think Kenzie has gone crazy or is in (scary music) HEAT.

The only reason I think this is because I have had dealings with such a thing before. The aforementioned roommate with the sickly Siamese gave me such an experience with her cat Daria, who insisted on moaning ALL NIGHT LONG.

Kenzie’s cries resemble those of the sickly Siamese when she was in heat. It’s almost as annoying as the fetching addiction.

I adopted Kenzie last may when she was five weeks old (I’ll tell you that story soon), and yes, I know I should’ve gotten her fixed before this, but I just hate the thought of my poor little Kenzie in surgery. So now, here I am with a moaning cat.

But she’s only moaning, so maybe she is just upset? Anyone else had this issue?

The site says, “The only way your cat can be calmed is when she either mates or goes out of season.”

My precious daughter will NOT be mating. So I guess if she truly is in “heat” I will have to wait till she “goes out of season”….I hope that doesn’t take long…this moaning, it’s keeping me up at night.

cat tip of the day: get your cat fixed before she keeps you up all night with her RIDICULOUSLY loud moaning.



  1. Sounds like she needs to go to the vet. Little girly needs to be fixed or you’re going to have a crazy Kenzie cat!! 😦 poor girl

  2. oh my! poor you and kitty!

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