Posted by: kenziekat | February 13, 2010

Kenzie & the Scary Couch Foot Monster

Oh, Kenzie Kat, how you amuse me so. My foot was under the couch cushion, and Kenzie must’ve thought it was a scary monster, because, as you can see, she got so scared she fell over backwards!

Perhaps you may not find this as hysterical as my friends and I did at the time, but I felt it necessary to share my most recent funny Kenzie moment, although she has so many every day that cannot be captured on video.

As for me, I’m continually grateful to have a creature that can get my friends and I to laugh on a daily basis without even trying…


cat tip of the day: if trying to scare your cat, just put your foot under the couch cushion…&& Be sure to give him/her a good pet down after the scare…


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