Posted by: kenziekat | February 15, 2010

Red, the cousin of Kenzie.

Red, the Cousin of Kenzie

My only sibling will turn the ripe old age of 5 in May. For his fourth birthday last year, his big sis gave him what I thought would be the best birthday present ever…an adorable five week old kitten.

Isaiah named his new kitten, Red, and his big sister cried when I had to give Red away. Red had spent the whole day at work with me, sleeping on my lap. I met Red while in search of a kitten for myself, and the decision to give Red to Isaiah was a hard one to make (although all for the best, because Kenzie and I are soulmates).

Red started as a sweet little thing, but quickly turned into one of the most bipolar cats I, or my mother, have ever encountered. Red frequently climbs onto Isaiah’s lap purrs for a bit, and then lashes out angrily. Red also enjoys pouncing on Isaiah’s bottom, clinging onto his jean pockets. Isaiah says, “Red is a crazy cat.”

Red is the farm cat of the family & Kenzie is dutifully dubbed the “Diva.” The two have never gotten along. Perhaps Red is jealous because when Kenzie comes to visit she stays inside. The two frequently fight threw the window. Although if the window was not separating the two, I’m confident Red would win.

Regardless, I would like to share a quick story about the cousin of Kenzie.

My mom and Isaiah called me yesterday to tell me that Red has found the heat duct in the garage (he runs in every time the door opens, to my dad’s disgust). The snow, for the past two weeks, has been well over Red’s belly, and the heat duct in the garage serves as an excellent refuge.

Mom put a blanket down under the duct for Red to sleep on. Mom says he stays in the garage most of the day now. She says Red dries himself off with the heat vent like he is in the beauty salon. He warms his side, turns to the other side, and even raises up to get the heat on his tummy. When I get home this weekend, I hope to get video footage of this event.

Mom also said when Isaiah went out to pet Red yesterday, he got attacked. yet another reason to be thankful for Kenzie.

cat tip of the day: let your outside cat warm itself up with a heat vent during the blizzard!


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