Posted by: kenziekat | February 16, 2010

Blog a Day Week.

So, last week was blog a day week, and at the end of that week I was supposed to do an overview of what is was like for my blogging class.

I forgot. I’ll do it now instead.
Blogging everyday about the love of your life is an easy thing to do…especially when there happens to be a foot of snow outside preventing you from doing anything else. Overall, the constant blogging wasn’t difficult to do at all, because there was absolutely nothing else to do. My car was stuck all week.

I had every intention of keeping this daily blogging routine, but found that once the snow had melted and my car had been dug out, the daily blogging wasn’t quite so easy.

Which leads me to the conclusion that those who blog daily probably don’t have a full-time job, a full-time class schedule, law school applications, a lovely boyfriend, and WVU News madness on their plate….I hope I have that luxury one day.

Until then, expect two lovely Kenzie blogs a week, and if she does something spectacular (as I know she will), expect more 🙂


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