Posted by: kenziekat | February 19, 2010

Kenzie, the Catching Cat

Last night, I had some friends over before venturing across my parking lot to a lovely little shack called Crockett’s for Kareoke Night.

My best friend from high school, Jordan was in attendence with her boyfriend, who I like to call Farmer John. Farmer John, who majors in animal reproduction (seriously), is quite fond of animals, but not so fond of cats. Regardless, I could tell Farmer John was intrigued by the fetching stories he had heard about Kenzie.  He was also quite skeptical.

He had the nerve to say DOGS were smarter than cats. HA.

Then,  I gave him a hair elastic to throw. He threw. She brought it back.  He was impressed, but said, “is that all she can do?’ The nerve of him!

So, I explained that Kenzie was a very talented cat and could do much more than just fetch hair elastics. She can catch, too! Then I realized, I’d failed to tell my blogosphere that my precious Kenzie cat also catch!

It’s true, she can stand on her two back feet, and when you throw an elastic down on her, she catches it with her two front paws! Proof of this via video will come soon.

She’s smarter than any dog I know. So I got to thinking, let’s make a list of why CATS are BETTER than DOGS….I particuarly like #8 on the list I’ve linked…

“8. Cats tend to respond better to women than men due to the fact that women have higher pitched voices — or maybe because they’re just smarter than dogs… and men.”

  1. Cats are less needy, less smelly, and more cleanly than dogs.
  2. Cats do not chew up my fabulous shoes.
  3. Cats can fetch, with training, just as well as dogs.
  4. Cats do not slobber all over their fetching toys.
  5. Cats do not lick your face.
  6. Your turn! Comment with more!

cat tip of the day:  never underestimate your cat’s intelligence.


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