Posted by: kenziekat | February 26, 2010

Kenzie loses a nail

Kenzie loves mesh laundry baskets of this sort:

Kenzie LOVES this.

Today, she was playing around with the boyfriends mesh laundry basket, as always, when we decided to throw a hair elastic into it…just to see what she would do.

Well, as expected, she went NUTSO. She couldn’t figure out how to get the elastic out, and she kept digging through the mesh in a desperate attempt to get the elastic. Obviously, it is impossible to get the elastic out without physically jumping into the basket, but she, of course, did not think of this.

Instead, she got her pretty pink claw stuck in the mesh trying to retrieve the elastic.

I figured she would be able to get her claw unstuck herself, but after about thirty seconds I realized she might need some help, but it was too late.  By the time I got to the basket,  all that was left in the mesh was a fake pink cat nail, with a real nail stuck in it.

She pulled out her own nail to unstuck herself, and she didn’t even flinch.

Did I just de-claw my cat unintentionally? Do these things grow back? A  web- discussion has convinced me that, although it may become infected, this is a minor injury & since she’s an inside cat, hopefully the chances of her getting infected are slight. Any advice on this matter my fellow cat bloggers?

cat tip of the day:  if your kitty gets stuck in a mesh laundry basket, help her immediately. She will rip her claw out to save herself.



  1. Kenzie’s claw will grow back.Just keep an eye on her and if she starts licking at the toe a lot or starts limping, take her to the vet for a check up.
    One of our cats did this twice, he’s a right ruffian lol and both times the claw grew back with no trouble.The chances are good that Kenzie will have no trouble either.
    When a cat is declawed the vet amputates the end bone joints along with the claws as that bone contains claw cells and the claws would grow back. It’s a very cruel and painful operation which causes cats many physical and mental problems for their lifetime.Please help us get it banned:
    retired vet nurse UK

    • Thank you, Ruth. That makes me feel much better. I’ll definately keep an eye on her (so far so good)!

      Also, thanks for the link to sign the petition; I’ll post that to my blog roll & mention it for others to sign as well. Definately a barbaric practice, and am thankful I chose SoftPaws instead of de-clawing! Hope you continue to read my blog !

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