Posted by: kenziekat | February 28, 2010

Kenzie learns to walk & needs new nails…

Today, the boyfriend and I (instead of studying) began giving Kenzie walking lessons. Yes, I know this may sound absurd, but she’s really quite close & last night she took her first two steps on her hind feet. I think this is possible, people!

The boyfriend thought he would be a better walking teacher than I and decided to teach himself after the first two clips, you can see how that worked out for him. For being a big, strong bodybuilder, he sure is a big baby when it comes to cat scratches.

Proof Kenzie needs new nails.

Kenzie’s SoftPaws have fallen off (they are supposed to after so many weeks), and her mamma has been neglecting to put new ones on, but after today I think it’s time. Walking lesson #2 will not take place until new shiny pink nails are on her pretty paws.

cat tip of the day: wear gloves when training your cat to walk.



  1. […] in an earlier post, SoftPaws are fabulous but they need to be replaced every six weeks, or your boyfriend may be injured. So, I decided to take a video of the replacement to let you see how EASY they are to […]

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