Posted by: kenziekat | March 8, 2010

Kenzie Gets Revenge.

So, this week the boyfriend has been severely annoyed by my beloved Kenzie Kat, and although I normally put a stop immediately to the boyfriends “disciplinary” tactics when it comes to Kenzie, I let one slide right under my nose this week.

I had some friends over planning spring break, and the boyfriend was already annoyed by the amount of gals at my house (he was quite outnumbered); plus, I think his chemistry homework was getting the best of him. AND, I admit, Kenzie was doing her weird meow sound over and over because no one was paying attention to her.

The boyfriend locked Kenzie in the office to escape the meowing.

I was unaware that the boyfriend did such a traumatic thing, but Kenzie found her own revenge…..

Kenzie Got Revenge

She pooped in his dufflebag, and peed all over his gym sweats….the only two items that were his in the entire room.

I love my cat.

cat tip of the day: cats are smarter than most might think and use their smarts to be hysterically revengeful. cat haters beware.



  1. go Kenzie! You teached him eh?! 🙂 goood kitty!

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