Posted by: kenziekat | March 9, 2010

Kenzie Calls the Cops

So, I went to the parents house for the weekend to compete in a pageant (which I won, yay), and visit with the family for a bit. I convinced cat-hating dad to let me bring Kenzie home with me, insisting that she would “be good” and I would keep her off the counters (which didn’t really happen). Saturday, Kenzie was left at the parents house alone while the rest of us went to the pageant.

Turns out, my dad set the security system in the house before we left, forgetting poor Kenzie was still there.

The security system alarms as soon as movement is detected in the house, aka KENZIE. Thus, not only were four cops & my grandfather called via Secure Us, Kenzie was exposed to a minimum of twenty minutes of a loud siren sound shaking my entire house.

Poor Kenzie.

My dad was angry Kenzie called the cops, but I was angry my dad set the security system and nearly gave my precious Kenzie a heart attack.  I’m not sure Kenzie will be invited back.

cat tip of the day:  do not set your security system to detect all movement within the house as a burglar IF your daughters favorite creature is visiting for the weekend.


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