Posted by: kenziekat | March 14, 2010

Kenzie gets new Soft Paws

As I said in an earlier post, SoftPaws are fabulous but they need to be replaced every six weeks, or your boyfriend may be injured.
So, I decided to take a video of the replacement to let you see how EASY they are to apply. However, I’m a silly one and forgot to turn the camera the right way so it’s a bit sideways, so my apologies.

I’ll admit, Kenzie does walk a bit funny right after their application, but it only takes her about five minutes to forget they are on.

cat tip of the day: before applying SoftPaws, clip your cats nails so the fake nails will stay on longer.



  1. wow Kenzie handled that like a champ!!

    Wheres the part where Mike is screaming obscenities? jk

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