Posted by: kenziekat | March 21, 2010

Comic that hit home….

This is my life

block2: “Manuel there you are! My only friend” block3: “Why do I let people do this to me? I need to get away from everyone.” block4: “Or maybe I need to try being a little easier to get along with.” block5: “yea that’ll happen” block 6: “screw it, who needs people, right Manuel? all i need is y…”courtesy of

Kenzie and I got caught napping on the couch by the crazy dog-lady neighbor yesterday. I really wish I didn’t always have to keep my blinds open….Any tips out there on how to keep your kitty from tearing up the blinds?!
cat tip of the day: when taking a cat-nap with your cat half clothed, close the blinds…the crazy dog lady WILL find you & creepily smile as she waves through the window.



  1. nice! octopuspie! that comic rules. The author is on twitter too! Her name is @granulac

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