Posted by: kenziekat | June 12, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady House

So, last week I was working out (P90X woot woot!) in my basement and all of a sudden I heard kittens crying….

Immediately, I tried not to get my hopes up….surely there were not kittens outside my window.

I resumed my workout.

Then, I heard the pitiful meows again. Perhaps my “welcome to the cat house flag”, glow in the dark eyed cat lawn ornament, and “cats welcome here” flower pot sign had finally paid off and attracted kittens!!! I immediately ran outside. The crying was coming from the bushes. I started digging for kittens when a mamma cat suddenly jumped out, scaring me half to death.

As I continued to search the bushes, my friends arrived to help….and here’s what we found…..


I’ve been feeding mamma cat and hopefully baby cat ever since. My landlords won’t allow another inside cat and kenzkat wasn’t pleased…. but who says I can’t take on a couple outside cats?!

Welcome to the fam, baby bishop.


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