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Comic that hit home….

This is my life

block2: “Manuel there you are! My only friend” block3: “Why do I let people do this to me? I need to get away from everyone.” block4: “Or maybe I need to try being a little easier to get along with.” block5: “yea that’ll happen” block 6: “screw it, who needs people, right Manuel? all i need is y…”courtesy of

Kenzie and I got caught napping on the couch by the crazy dog-lady neighbor yesterday. I really wish I didn’t always have to keep my blinds open….Any tips out there on how to keep your kitty from tearing up the blinds?!
cat tip of the day: when taking a cat-nap with your cat half clothed, close the blinds…the crazy dog lady WILL find you & creepily smile as she waves through the window.

Posted by: kenziekat | March 14, 2010

Kenzie gets new Soft Paws

As I said in an earlier post, SoftPaws are fabulous but they need to be replaced every six weeks, or your boyfriend may be injured.
So, I decided to take a video of the replacement to let you see how EASY they are to apply. However, I’m a silly one and forgot to turn the camera the right way so it’s a bit sideways, so my apologies.

I’ll admit, Kenzie does walk a bit funny right after their application, but it only takes her about five minutes to forget they are on.

cat tip of the day: before applying SoftPaws, clip your cats nails so the fake nails will stay on longer.

Posted by: kenziekat | March 9, 2010

Kenzie Calls the Cops

So, I went to the parents house for the weekend to compete in a pageant (which I won, yay), and visit with the family for a bit. I convinced cat-hating dad to let me bring Kenzie home with me, insisting that she would “be good” and I would keep her off the counters (which didn’t really happen). Saturday, Kenzie was left at the parents house alone while the rest of us went to the pageant.

Turns out, my dad set the security system in the house before we left, forgetting poor Kenzie was still there.

The security system alarms as soon as movement is detected in the house, aka KENZIE. Thus, not only were four cops & my grandfather called via Secure Us, Kenzie was exposed to a minimum of twenty minutes of a loud siren sound shaking my entire house.

Poor Kenzie.

My dad was angry Kenzie called the cops, but I was angry my dad set the security system and nearly gave my precious Kenzie a heart attack.  I’m not sure Kenzie will be invited back.

cat tip of the day:  do not set your security system to detect all movement within the house as a burglar IF your daughters favorite creature is visiting for the weekend.

Posted by: kenziekat | March 8, 2010

Kenzie Gets Revenge.

So, this week the boyfriend has been severely annoyed by my beloved Kenzie Kat, and although I normally put a stop immediately to the boyfriends “disciplinary” tactics when it comes to Kenzie, I let one slide right under my nose this week.

I had some friends over planning spring break, and the boyfriend was already annoyed by the amount of gals at my house (he was quite outnumbered); plus, I think his chemistry homework was getting the best of him. AND, I admit, Kenzie was doing her weird meow sound over and over because no one was paying attention to her.

The boyfriend locked Kenzie in the office to escape the meowing.

I was unaware that the boyfriend did such a traumatic thing, but Kenzie found her own revenge…..

Kenzie Got Revenge

She pooped in his dufflebag, and peed all over his gym sweats….the only two items that were his in the entire room.

I love my cat.

cat tip of the day: cats are smarter than most might think and use their smarts to be hysterically revengeful. cat haters beware.

Posted by: kenziekat | February 28, 2010

Kenzie learns to walk & needs new nails…

Today, the boyfriend and I (instead of studying) began giving Kenzie walking lessons. Yes, I know this may sound absurd, but she’s really quite close & last night she took her first two steps on her hind feet. I think this is possible, people!

The boyfriend thought he would be a better walking teacher than I and decided to teach himself after the first two clips, you can see how that worked out for him. For being a big, strong bodybuilder, he sure is a big baby when it comes to cat scratches.

Proof Kenzie needs new nails.

Kenzie’s SoftPaws have fallen off (they are supposed to after so many weeks), and her mamma has been neglecting to put new ones on, but after today I think it’s time. Walking lesson #2 will not take place until new shiny pink nails are on her pretty paws.

cat tip of the day: wear gloves when training your cat to walk.

Posted by: kenziekat | February 26, 2010

Kenzie loses a nail

Kenzie loves mesh laundry baskets of this sort:

Kenzie LOVES this.

Today, she was playing around with the boyfriends mesh laundry basket, as always, when we decided to throw a hair elastic into it…just to see what she would do.

Well, as expected, she went NUTSO. She couldn’t figure out how to get the elastic out, and she kept digging through the mesh in a desperate attempt to get the elastic. Obviously, it is impossible to get the elastic out without physically jumping into the basket, but she, of course, did not think of this.

Instead, she got her pretty pink claw stuck in the mesh trying to retrieve the elastic.

I figured she would be able to get her claw unstuck herself, but after about thirty seconds I realized she might need some help, but it was too late.  By the time I got to the basket,  all that was left in the mesh was a fake pink cat nail, with a real nail stuck in it.

She pulled out her own nail to unstuck herself, and she didn’t even flinch.

Did I just de-claw my cat unintentionally? Do these things grow back? A  web- discussion has convinced me that, although it may become infected, this is a minor injury & since she’s an inside cat, hopefully the chances of her getting infected are slight. Any advice on this matter my fellow cat bloggers?

cat tip of the day:  if your kitty gets stuck in a mesh laundry basket, help her immediately. She will rip her claw out to save herself.

Posted by: kenziekat | February 19, 2010

Kenzie, the Catching Cat

Last night, I had some friends over before venturing across my parking lot to a lovely little shack called Crockett’s for Kareoke Night.

My best friend from high school, Jordan was in attendence with her boyfriend, who I like to call Farmer John. Farmer John, who majors in animal reproduction (seriously), is quite fond of animals, but not so fond of cats. Regardless, I could tell Farmer John was intrigued by the fetching stories he had heard about Kenzie.  He was also quite skeptical.

He had the nerve to say DOGS were smarter than cats. HA.

Then,  I gave him a hair elastic to throw. He threw. She brought it back.  He was impressed, but said, “is that all she can do?’ The nerve of him!

So, I explained that Kenzie was a very talented cat and could do much more than just fetch hair elastics. She can catch, too! Then I realized, I’d failed to tell my blogosphere that my precious Kenzie cat also catch!

It’s true, she can stand on her two back feet, and when you throw an elastic down on her, she catches it with her two front paws! Proof of this via video will come soon.

She’s smarter than any dog I know. So I got to thinking, let’s make a list of why CATS are BETTER than DOGS….I particuarly like #8 on the list I’ve linked…

“8. Cats tend to respond better to women than men due to the fact that women have higher pitched voices — or maybe because they’re just smarter than dogs… and men.”

  1. Cats are less needy, less smelly, and more cleanly than dogs.
  2. Cats do not chew up my fabulous shoes.
  3. Cats can fetch, with training, just as well as dogs.
  4. Cats do not slobber all over their fetching toys.
  5. Cats do not lick your face.
  6. Your turn! Comment with more!

cat tip of the day:  never underestimate your cat’s intelligence.

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Blog a Day Week.

So, last week was blog a day week, and at the end of that week I was supposed to do an overview of what is was like for my blogging class.

I forgot. I’ll do it now instead.
Blogging everyday about the love of your life is an easy thing to do…especially when there happens to be a foot of snow outside preventing you from doing anything else. Overall, the constant blogging wasn’t difficult to do at all, because there was absolutely nothing else to do. My car was stuck all week.

I had every intention of keeping this daily blogging routine, but found that once the snow had melted and my car had been dug out, the daily blogging wasn’t quite so easy.

Which leads me to the conclusion that those who blog daily probably don’t have a full-time job, a full-time class schedule, law school applications, a lovely boyfriend, and WVU News madness on their plate….I hope I have that luxury one day.

Until then, expect two lovely Kenzie blogs a week, and if she does something spectacular (as I know she will), expect more 🙂

Posted by: kenziekat | February 15, 2010

Red, the cousin of Kenzie.

Red, the Cousin of Kenzie

My only sibling will turn the ripe old age of 5 in May. For his fourth birthday last year, his big sis gave him what I thought would be the best birthday present ever…an adorable five week old kitten.

Isaiah named his new kitten, Red, and his big sister cried when I had to give Red away. Red had spent the whole day at work with me, sleeping on my lap. I met Red while in search of a kitten for myself, and the decision to give Red to Isaiah was a hard one to make (although all for the best, because Kenzie and I are soulmates).

Red started as a sweet little thing, but quickly turned into one of the most bipolar cats I, or my mother, have ever encountered. Red frequently climbs onto Isaiah’s lap purrs for a bit, and then lashes out angrily. Red also enjoys pouncing on Isaiah’s bottom, clinging onto his jean pockets. Isaiah says, “Red is a crazy cat.”

Red is the farm cat of the family & Kenzie is dutifully dubbed the “Diva.” The two have never gotten along. Perhaps Red is jealous because when Kenzie comes to visit she stays inside. The two frequently fight threw the window. Although if the window was not separating the two, I’m confident Red would win.

Regardless, I would like to share a quick story about the cousin of Kenzie.

My mom and Isaiah called me yesterday to tell me that Red has found the heat duct in the garage (he runs in every time the door opens, to my dad’s disgust). The snow, for the past two weeks, has been well over Red’s belly, and the heat duct in the garage serves as an excellent refuge.

Mom put a blanket down under the duct for Red to sleep on. Mom says he stays in the garage most of the day now. She says Red dries himself off with the heat vent like he is in the beauty salon. He warms his side, turns to the other side, and even raises up to get the heat on his tummy. When I get home this weekend, I hope to get video footage of this event.

Mom also said when Isaiah went out to pet Red yesterday, he got attacked. yet another reason to be thankful for Kenzie.

cat tip of the day: let your outside cat warm itself up with a heat vent during the blizzard!

Posted by: kenziekat | February 13, 2010

Kenzie & the Scary Couch Foot Monster

Oh, Kenzie Kat, how you amuse me so. My foot was under the couch cushion, and Kenzie must’ve thought it was a scary monster, because, as you can see, she got so scared she fell over backwards!

Perhaps you may not find this as hysterical as my friends and I did at the time, but I felt it necessary to share my most recent funny Kenzie moment, although she has so many every day that cannot be captured on video.

As for me, I’m continually grateful to have a creature that can get my friends and I to laugh on a daily basis without even trying…


cat tip of the day: if trying to scare your cat, just put your foot under the couch cushion…&& Be sure to give him/her a good pet down after the scare…

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